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Help protect the ocean with Tropic Mermaid and Mission Blue

Updated: May 28, 2021

Save the ocean! We all know the ocean is home to aquatic animals and plants worth protecting. But did you know the ocean also produces most of the oxygen we breathe?

Everyone knows the forests and rain forests on Earth produce oxygen via trees carrying out photosynthesis. But in the oceans, tiny plants called phytoplankton actually produce MOST of the oxygen in our atmosphere - over 50% of our breathable oxygen comes from the ocean!

It is imperative that the ocean is healthy and balanced in it's ecosystem. The entire ocean food chain affects phytoplankton growth and oxygen production. But there are so many threats to the health of the ocean from over-fishing to toxic dumping by humans. The ocean is in need of protection and ecosystem restoration to support healthy and happy phytoplankton!

What do we do to help protect the ocean? Here is a simple way to get involved today:

💙 Donate to my fundraiser for Mission Blue Hope Spots by visiting my Instagram page from your phone or tablet: @AjaBeing

Or tap the top buttons at my @AjaBeing Link Tree

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Mission Blue is an incredible organization led by environmentalist Sylvia Earle. Their "Hope Spots" are being established with contributions from people just like you! The Hope Spots set up a protected area similar to a national park that enforces laws to protect each zone. Examples of how the Hope Spots work include helping to stop commercial over-fishing, and supporting environmental restoration.

✔ Research other ways you can help

📲 Message me for more info!

Photo by Marjerla Creative Design, Florida

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