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Prayers for the Ocean From a Recent Event

Mer-mazing and inspiring prayers for the ocean, thank you to everyone who participated in the fun! Short video from the event is below! (More available at my Instagram, click here)

At public events I get to mermaid at, I've started offering a prayer box and small notepad for people to write prayers for the ocean and put them in the box. Sometimes thinking about the needs of the sea can be over-whale-ming!

My friends and I may not have the power to change the temperature of the ocean, or to save all the ocean creatures killed and wounded by recklessness of some humans. But we do have the power to pray, and take inspired action in even small ways! Prayer is so powerful and causes ripples that can turn into huge waves of change for good!

Will you join my friends and I in praying for the ocean? And when you feel a nudge or inspiration to take action to help a sea creature, beach, or water-way, I encourage you to follow it! Contact your local aquarium, fish and game department, or other resource center for ideas about how to move forward with your idea, and/or how to contribute to existing ideas already happening!

Here are some prayers from one of my mermaid photo ops bookings in St. Petersburg, FL.

I'm praying for safe hatching of the sea turtles this season. God protect the turtles

Praying for healing from pollution in the ocean across the whole world

Happiness & Peace on this Earth


Save the dolphins & whales from captivity & slaughter. God Bless

Here is a quick video from the event! More available at my Instagram, click here!

Event production: and Neon Dreams Productions, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Venue: Pinellas Ale Works

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