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Mermaid commercial for a "paw-some" pet event :)

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

What a wonderful oppor-tuna-ty to collaborate in this fun commercial for a summer kick-off event in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA! Upcycled pet fashions were the feature of this event, as well as sustainably produced and upcycled fashions and accessories for humans. Saving the ocean by reducing our negative impact on the environment. And with a tropical theme! Fin-tastic!

Did you know many fast-fashion clothes are produced in factories that dump toxic waste into waterways and the ocean? Yuck! I encourage you to learn more about where your clothes come from, and consider investing in pieces that are made with sustainability and the environment in mind! And of course there are so many discarded items available at thrift stores for affordable prices. Upcycle, reuse, recycle... because helping to heal our oceans and waterways is always in fashion!

Enjoy our commercial (click below) that aired to promote the Paws in Paradise sustainable pet fashion event extravaganza. Event and video production by and Neon Dreamteam Productions in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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